The mission of Trinity Church is to unite all persons with God and with one another in Jesus Christ. Trinity is an inclusive Episcopal Community that lives out its Baptismal Covenant by welcoming people in all their diversity, and by supporting spiritual growth through traditional worship, social responsibility, and proclaiming the Gospel.

stain glass.png

Brief History

Trinity Episcopal Church began as an Episcopal mission in 1862. The first building was completed in late 1864. The Grant County Witness reported on October 1, 1863, that the 11cost to build the church was “some $15,000.” The church is a brick gothic revival. Among its greatest treasures are Belgian stained glass windows, which have been restored recently, and an organ built by famed organ builder Henry Erban. A columbarium was added inside the church building in early 1987. The Cunningham Center serves as the center for parish activities and features a newly remodeled kitchen. The parish house contains space for Christian Education as well as the Rector’s office and workroom. The rectory, purchased in 1999, completes Trinity’s ownership of the entire block.


Current Developments

Trinity Platteville and Trinity Mineral Point have received a grant of over $4,000 to develop parish nurse ministry for the two churches and their communities.   Parish Nurse Ministry (also known as Faith Community Ministry) provides a registered RN, usually on a volunteer basis, to minister to individuals and to groups of people.   This ministry seeks to engage people from a wholistic perspective (body, mind, spirit) through individual conversations and personal encounters to group educational programming.   A  Parish Nurse Committee has been formed.  Its members are Mark Prouty,   Claire Holland,   Debara Mayo,  Michael Prestegard, and Fr. Brian Backstrand.    Kris Wisnefske, R.N. serves as our consultant as we develop this joint ministry.   Please keep this developing ministry in your prayers.   For further information, please contact The Rev. Brian Backstrand at bebackstra@aol.com


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